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Laying the foundation for 2022

Ever since we stepped into December, I have been thinking a lot about 2022. I have found myself casting my mind forward, dreaming up new desires and thinking about what I want to create in my life in the coming year.

You see, I love to approach December as a month of preparation. Rather than simply seeing it as the end of one year, I like to see it as a run-up month to the new year. I’ve taken the entire month off work to reflect, review, dream, visualise, set intentions, plan and so much more. I see it as a powerful time to lay foundations, install new habits and get crystal clear on the vision for the year ahead.

What about you?

Laying the foundation

At the moment for me, this practice looks like this:

Clarifying what I desire for the new year

I have been working through several of the prompts that I created for ‘Live a Well-Designed Life‘ in order to clarify my theme for 2022, choose the core feelings that I want to guide me, and explore how I want to expand. I have been asking myself “What is my heart truly yearning for in the year ahead?

Tuning into My True Desires
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Connecting with that reality

Then, I have been using my journal to connect with my desires in an even deeper way. At the top of a page, I have written “It is now December 31st 2022, and….” From there I have described in detail what I desire to see manifest in each area of my life at this time next year. I have then been spending time each day visualising that future reality and feeling the feelings of living it.

Cultivating inner Clarity
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Becoming the person I need to be

From here, I’ve been asking myself “Who do I need to be in order to create this?” This question has helped me see what needs to shift within my mindset, self-worth, beliefs and energy to become the person who lives in this reality. It is clearly showing me the inner work I need to do!

What kind of person do you want to be
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Laying foundations

Then I brought myself back to where I am now and asked myself:

  • What can I start to do now to prepare me for what I want to create in the coming year?
  • What can I do to bridge the gap between where I am and where I want to be?

As a result, I’ve been showing up every day to take the actions which will move me forward to that vision rather than waiting until starting the whole ‘process’ in January.

I would love to know how you are preparing for the new year? Do you have any particular practices, rituals or inner work you are doing? 

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