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10 Easy Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Home

With the weather finally showing signs of sunnier days to come, it’s time to dust off the winter blues and prepare the home for the new season. Just as we look forward to changing out our heavy, winter clothing to lighter and more colourful summery choices, it can be similarly uplifting to embrace the same in our home styling. Here are a few of my favourite, quick refresh ideas.

  • With longer days and warmer nights, it’s no longer necessary to cover windows with heavy curtains which, while they create a cosy environment throughout autumn and winter, can absorb a lot of daylight entering rooms. Take down curtains and store carefully ready to pull out at the end of the year. Replace with light, linen voiles in a white or light pastel colour for a fresh and ‘wafty’ vibe. A breath of fresh air in the home!
  • Add a burst of fresh colour with a selection of new accessories. Pops of colour can bring a whole new energy to a space, whether it’s a set of colourful kitchen accessories or new cushions in the sitting room. Pick a colour that makes you feel good and enjoy the same good energy in your home.
  • Brighter days draw attention to tired paintwork. Refresh the woodwork in your home to make the room feel instantly updated and ‘clean.’ It might seem like an unnecessary job, but even refreshing the ceiling can dramatically enhance the light levels in a space.
  • Linking your home and garden can help to increase the feeling of space and a flowing indoor/outdoor setting for the spring and summer months. Choose the same colour palette in bedding/annual plants as your accessories in your home to create a smooth transition between the areas.
  • Bring spring colouring new life into your home with cut flowers. For an eclectic, country feel, pick up bud and single-stem vases and bottles from charity shops.
  • Tackle that one big ‘problem area’ with a declutter for a great way to feel like you’re winning at life! Invest in storage baskets or shelving that will enable you to organise an area that bugs you to instantly feel a weight off your shoulders.
  • Add some fun to your home by up-cycling a one-off chair or piece of furniture in a bright colour. A statement piece in a room is perfect to draw the eye, particularly to an otherwise dead corner.
  • Ditch the plastic and elevate your kitchen and bathroom by investing in some pretty bottles to decant washing liquids and lotions into. These are also good for sustainability as they can be re-filled at various local, independent shops.
  • Swapping out your bedding for a new set is one of the very best ways to embrace spring in the bedroom. There’s nothing better than beautiful soft new sheets to aid a better night’s sleep. Try a light linen set for a relaxed, bohemian vibe, with no ironing required!
  • Mirrors are one of the most used pieces in an interior designer’s toolbox to bounce light around and create the illusion of space. Go big and position a floor-standing mirror to instantly reflect the new season outside.



I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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