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Habit Stacking 101

Habit stacking is a technique that involves building new habits by attaching them to existing ones. By piggybacking on habits that you already have in place, you can make it easier to establish new ones and create a more structured routine.

Here are the basic steps for habit stacking:

  1. Identify an existing habit: Think about a habit that you already have in place that occurs regularly, such as brushing your teeth in the morning. CHECK OUT: 20 short & simple life-changing habits
  2. Choose a new habit: Select a new habit that you would like to establish, such as doing 10 minutes of meditation. CHECK OUT: How to Form a NEW HABIT & 3 Steps to Creating New Habits
  3. Attach the new habit to the existing one: Associate the new habit with the existing habit by completing it immediately after. For example, after you brush your teeth in the morning, you could sit down for 10 minutes of meditation.
  4. Repeat and reinforce: Continue to practice the new habit immediately after the existing one, until it becomes automatic. Over time, the new habit will become ingrained in your routine and feel more natural. CHECK OUT: Are your daily habits keeping you stuck?

Some tips for successful habit stacking include:

  • Start with small habits: Choose habits that are easy to incorporate into your routine, such as drinking a glass of water after you wake up. CHECK OUT: Why Small Habits Are Important
  • Be consistent: Stick to the habit-stacking routine every day to establish a consistent habit. CHECK OUT: Micro Habits 101
  • Use reminders: Set up reminders or cues to help you remember to practice the new habit after the existing one.
  • Track your progress: Keep track of your progress by using a habit tracker or journal to monitor your daily habits.

By using habit stacking, you can establish new habits more easily and create a more structured routine that supports your goals and well-being.


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