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7 Ways to Simplify Your Digital Space & Gadgets

  1. Declutter Your Digital Space: Delete any files, applications, or programs that you no longer use. Organise your folders and files in a systematic way, so that you can easily find what you need. Use cloud storage services such as Google Drive (my favourite) or Dropbox to store your files online and free up space on your device.
  2. Unsubscribe From Emails: Unsubscribe from any emails that you no longer want to receive. This will help reduce clutter in your inbox and save you time.
  3. Use Productivity Apps: Use productivity apps such as Trello (my favourite), Asana or Todoist to organise your tasks, appointments and projects. These apps can help you manage your time more efficiently and reduce stress. CHECK OUT: My Favourite Apps that Support My Life
  4. Streamline Your Social Media: Limit the number of social media accounts you use and set boundaries for the amount of time you spend on them. Unfollow accounts that don’t add value to your life and avoid comparing yourself to others online.
  5. Automate Tasks: Use automation tools like IFTTT or Zapier to streamline repetitive tasks such as scheduling social media posts or sending email reminders.
  6. Simplify Your Gadgets: Consider consolidating your devices by using a smartphone with a large screen instead of a separate tablet or laptop. Purchase a smartwatch to receive notifications and track your fitness goals instead of a separate fitness tracker. CHECK OUT: 5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Elevate Your Life
  7. Reduce Cable Clutter: Use cable organisers or wireless charging pads to reduce the number of cables on your desk or bedside table.

By following these tips, you can simplify your digital space and gadgets, making your life easier and more efficient.



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