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A guide to creating a cosy home

Autumn and Winter are a season for wool sweaters, warm beverages, chimney fires, and to cosify your home. It’s a blessed time to catch up on those books we didn’t quite find time to read during the warmer months. A time to take up knitting or playing board games under a cosy blanket. A time to spend at home with friends and family and the perfect opportunity to decorate! If you don’t know where to start, I’ve got you covered. I’ve listed my best tips to transform your home into a vibrant and cosy burrow during these colder months, allowing you to hibernate in a comfy cocoon of serenity.


For most of us, the heart of any living room is the sofa. Whether you’re re-reading your favourite book or binge-watching all the episodes of Harry Potter (something I plan on doing), the sofa is the place to be. And your comfort should be an absolute priority – that means piles of cushions, heaps of blankets or a stylish throw with a warm colour. Add soft and silky textures to your homeware to add elegance and unbeatable comfort.

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Transform your bathroom into your relaxing wellness sanctuary. Using a combination of rosemary and eucalyptus will turn your bathroom into a real Hammam. Do you want to give your experience an extra dimension? Walk on clouds and give your feet a soft landing with a luxury and 100% cotton bath mat. The only thing that rests you is to simply dim the lights, place your book within hand reach on your soft towel and enjoy a warming bath.

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If you’re looking to add ambience to your home, the fragrance is your friend. Whether you’re new to home perfumes, or usually just go for the same scents, transitioning seasons is the perfect time to look for new aromas. Whilst summer is all about floral and fresh scents, adding some woody and spicy tones to your autumn & winter fragrances is the perfect way to get into the seasonal spirit. Whilst fragrance sticks are great for aromas, candles are your go-to for ultimate relaxation.

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When the weather outside is frightful, add some warmth to your home with a pop of colour. For your cosy corner, classic calming hues like hummus and soft whites could create a soft and simple foundation but spice it up by adding some brighter layers – To me, nothing says Autumn more than burnt oranges and terracotta – these colours are the perfect source of warmth!


There’s nothing cosier than nestling down with a nice hot drink. I love a cup of cocoa or chai latte with some homemade cookies to add the perfect finishing touch!

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