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5 habits that can fix 80% of your problems

Plan your day the night before

  • Planning your day the night before is an incredibly popular productivity strategy.
  • Get everything ready for the morning.
  • Things seem simpler when everything is planned and handy
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If something takes 5 minutes or less, do it

  • If you can do something that takes less than 5 minutes, do it right away.
  • Getting those simple tasks done right away prevents a lot of clutter and stress later on.

Create a morning ritual

Have a morning ritual for yourself. Practice waking up early.
Make time for exercise.
Make time for meditation. The more you practice it, the more your life gets better.

Follow the 80/20 rule

  • Invest most of your energy and time on those specific tasks that create a big impact and maximise your productivity.
  • 20 % of the tasks yield 80 % of the results.
The 80/20 Rule
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Get enough rest

  • Without enough rest, you can’t improve your life.
  • Not getting enough rest makes you cranky and reduces your ability to concentrate.
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