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What is holding you back from investing in yourself and taking action?

The only difference between those who reach their goals and those who didn’t is those who did TOOK ACTION.

No, they are not better. No, they are not lucky. They dreamed. Worked hard. And continue to do the work to reach their goals.

I’m guessing you’re still here because you are interested to meet your true self. You, that is happy and at peace. You without the insecurities. You, in a world where you put your well-being first. Where you talk kindly and with compassion to yourself. Sounds right?

Having the Courage to Invest in Yourself
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Well…. here’s your sign to start taking action. Because NOT doing anything, is also a choice.


  • What is holding you back from investing in yourself and taking action?
  • Is it your mindset telling you that you are not worthy?
  • Is it fear of the unknown?

Because my dear friend, it is NORMAL. When we know that magic can happen, and when we see our dreams coming closer to us, we get scared! Scared because we know it’s possible and our brain can not comprehend it! Plus, your brain plays a trick on you “Do I really deserve to be happy? Do I deserve to reach my goals?” Or it’s that shock of, sh*t it is possible so the work begins.

What does reinvention mean to you
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Because let’s face it, this is not for everyone. Not everyone will do the work. Sorry to say this, but the truth is you will never feel ready. But one thing is for sure. You stay exactly where you are now when you do NOT take action. This is your reminder that it is POSSIBLE to THRIVE.

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