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The Art of Living the French Way

I love Paris, and honestly, if I had the opportunity to move to Paris right now, I would’ve dropped everything in a heartbeat. There’s just something about the French culture that resonates with me, mainly, the French way of life.

I have had a love affair with Paris since my first visit in 2015. It’s my ‘Happy Place’ and where I come alive. Although, I was planning to move to Paris in 2020, plans changed due to logistics and practicalities. So my plan now is to still live in the UK, but keep Paris as my guilty pleasure – this decision inspired me to inject the French way of living into my day-to-day life here in the UK as a way of always being in the ‘Paris State of Mind’.

The French lifestyle is all about the art of living life to the fullest. Living life with pleasure and enjoyment is always a priority, whether that’s through social gatherings, excellent food, or beautiful surroundings. As a French lifestyle blog, the French lifestyle and culture are topics that are discussed quite a bit.

While the French lifestyle embodies a simple way of living, there are plenty of tips and ideas that can be learned and adopted into our own lives. The French lifestyle is all about savouring the small moments, being in the moment, choosing quality over quantity, and squeezing every last bit of pleasure possible. It’s about elevating simple everyday routines into something pleasurable. 

Below I share some tips on how you can adopt some daily French habits and practices to incorporate the French way of living, regardless of where you live. 


For the French, mealtime is sacred. Dedicating time each day to sit down and savour your meal is something the French have embraced and practised in their society forever. 

Embracing meal times is about taking pleasure in what you’re eating and mindfully savouring each bite. You can’t do that if your attention is elsewhere. Creating a relaxing ambience for your meals and carving out time in your day to enjoy your food can help you feel just a little bit closer to life in France.

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For the French, walking isn’t just a way to get your healthy 10,000 steps in each day. Walking is a part of normal everyday life. It’s a way to get fresh air, possibly surround yourself with nature, and socialise with your community.

Whether it’s a walk in the morning or a stroll after dinner, embrace old-fashioned things like a walk around the neighbourhood or local park instead of heading straight to the sofa or staying cooped up indoors. Walking is an integral part of daily French life, and adopting this habit is one of the simplest ways we can start incorporating the French lifestyle into our daily routines.

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Perhaps one of my favourite aspects of French living is the ability to effortlessly practice the concept of less is more. 

For example, the French create capsule wardrobes, where a set of basic, high-quality pieces are curated into a closet that the person can practically and fashionably wear on a routine basis. Creating such a wardrobe will not only clear up physical space in your home but will free up your mind and wallet for better use.

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Going to the farmers’ market goes hand-in-hand with the French habit of cooking and eating mindfully and getting outside for fresh air. Just like everything else in their life, the French favour quality over quantity, whether that’s quality food or quality time. I particularly love the French routine of shopping at the farmers’ market because it inspires seasonal cooking, which is a core component of the French lifestyle.

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Dressing your best doesn’t mean you have to dress like a movie star every single day. Rather, dressing your best is simply making sure that you’re representing yourself in the best possible way that you can each day. It means that you’re taking the time to make sure you look polished and refined before you walk out of the door.

I think that being well-dressed is one of the reasons French people look and feel so good and carry such confidence throughout their day. It’s also a reflection of the French affinity for elevating simple everyday routines in favour of a more elegant and beautiful life.

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This tip goes hand-in-hand with dressing your best. This need to prioritise beauty needs doesn’t come so much from a place of being vain as it does from the need to pamper oneself. Whether it’s getting a facial, taking a long bath, or receiving a massage, the French know that it’s important to pamper yourself for lasting wellness and self-care. Just as the French value pleasure in eating and food, they value pleasure and comfort in their self-care routines.

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Somewhat similar to the concept of eating mindfully and devoting proper time for meals is the idea of just taking it slow and steady on a daily basis in your overall routine.

This slow and steady attitude is vital to really embracing the French lifestyle and all the simple pleasures that come with it. You can’t embrace mindful eating, socialisation, art, wellness, or any of the other French priorities if you’re running around with no time to stop, think, savour, and enjoy.

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As cliché as it sounds, practising the “joy of living” is one of the most fundamental components of French life. 

The way I’ve always perceived joie de vivre and how the French practice this concept is in the way they savour the simple pleasures in life. Finding beauty and joy in the stillness and in the things that are already here on earth for us to appreciate and be grateful for can be one of the most life-changing French habits that you adopt and practice, regardless of where you live.

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