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As the peak of the solar year, the Summer Solstice invites us to tap into the energy of the season – the brightness of the sun, the vibrant colours of nature, the fullness of living in each and every moment. We make time for play, exploration, and adventure. We brush off the dust from the past season, make new intentions, and embrace the energy of action and forward momentum.

What's Your Vision for Summer Season
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Solstice comes from the Latin word solstitium, meaning “sun standing still.” This stillness makes it an excellent time to pause for self-reflection with some journal prompts for the Summer Solstice. Even if you’re reading this after the Summer Solstice, now is as good a time as any to draw some new intentions for the season ahead. Grab your notebook and find a cosy spot for this journaling exercise.

Summer Solstice is connected to the fire element, which relates to our inner drive and passion. This is a time to own your personal power and acknowledge the areas in your life that might be out of alignment. 

Self-Love List for Summer
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This is also a time to slow down and savour. Just as we stretch out our limbs, bask in the sun, and rest on lazy weekend days, aim to cultivate this patient, unhurried mode of living in other areas of your life. You’ve put in the work earlier this year, planted seeds of change, and charted your course – there is no need to stress about what you cannot control. Release your worries and allow your plans to grow and unfold in their own time.

  1. Design your perfect summer day. What does it look like? Who is with you? What activities are you enjoying?
  2. What are your goals and intentions for summer?
  3. List activities, connections, or behaviours that are not currently serving your growth. Create a plan to remedy the situation or phase these out of your life.
  4. List the elements or routines of your life that you enjoy and are currently working. 
  5. What are your favourite ways to relax and play? How can you incorporate more of what you enjoy into your week? 
  6. What can I stop to slow down and appreciate?
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