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My top time-management tips

  • TIME BLOCK YOUR DAY | Schedule your day in time blocks for tasks rather than just having a to-do list.
  • SCHEDULE IN BUFFER TIME | Give yourself time for things to go wrong.
  • YOU CAN’T ALWAYS BE PRODUCTIVE | You can’t always be productive so don’t waste time dwelling on it and beating yourself up
  • YOU CAN’T WORK ALL DAY | You need to rest, don’t plan to work all day give yourself time to recharge.
  • MULTITASKING DOESN’T WORK | Just do one thing at a time.
  • SET DEADLINES | You’re more likely to get your work done if you have a deadline to work towards.
  • SET UP A ROUTINE AND STICK TO IT | Set up a work routine to give your days more structure.
  • JUST GET GOING | Just start working, even if you just do the smallest task.
  • PRIORITISE PRIORITISE PRIORITISE | There isn’t time to do everything so make sure you know what’s most important.
  • GROUP MEETINGS INTO BLOCKS | Schedule all of your meetings at once to save on procrastination and travelling time.
  • WORK IN SPRINTS | Works in short bursts with breaks in between rather than long slogs.
  • BREAK DOWN TASKS | Break down your work into tasks you can do in one session.
  • ALWAYS TAKE NOTES | Don’t rely on remembering everything you need to, write it down.
  • FILE THINGS WHERE YOU’LL FIND THEM | Make it easy for yourself to find your work and notes in the future.
  • AUTOMATE WHAT YOU CAN, BATCH WHAT YOU CAN’T | Spend the time automating all of the tasks you can and do all of the rest in batches.
  • BLOCK OUT DISTRACTIONS, DON’T RELY ON WILL POWER | Turn off your notifications and block out anything else that might distract you.
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