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The Importance of seasonal living and a slow and simple life

It’s human to experience the ebb and flow of life.

We move through seasons of transition and uncertainty; we tilt between self-confidence and self-doubt; we experience shifting levels of energy or productivity and changes in what we need or want.

We witness death and new life.

Life is messy. And beautiful.

Living awake and seasonally allows us to live grateful for the gifts in every season. It means consciously and stubbornly mining for these gifts. Because there is wisdom knit into the fabric of every season. Into the light and the dark.

Seasonal living invites us to put down deep, strong roots of self-awareness and self-compassion that allow us to tilt and flex and not break when the storms come.

Slowing down and tuning in to the season we’re in – both the natural and metaphorical season of life – can help us live gentler, calmer, slower and simpler lives. As we notice patterns and rhythms of mood, energy, creativity, introspection, or cravings, we learn to better tend to our needs and love ourselves with less judgment. We become more attuned to and less fearful or resentful of the ebb and flow of life.

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We put down deeper, healthy roots of self-awareness and self-compassion that allow us to tilt and flex and not break when the storms come.

And we learn to mine for the achingly beautiful and sometimes heart-wrenchingly challenging gifts inherent in every season.

We’re not all wired the same way and there is more than one way to live a vibrant, full, meaningful life. But I’m clearly wired for a slower pace and find purpose, wholeness and joy in a simple and seasonal approach to life.

I am building a life – a full, beautiful, imperfect, messy life. I don’t want to live distracted or perpetually trying to “keep up” with anyone else. I want to savour the gifts of each day. I want to mine for the wisdom in every season. I want to live every day like it could be my last.

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