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Your life is only as good as your mindset!

Are you giving your mindset the love, respect and care it needs so that it can support you in creating the life you desire and deserve?

Take a moment to check in, how’s your mindset this week?

Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset

Benefits Mindset


Resistant to change | Show up resistant to growth and change.

Learning by doing | Show up with an open mind. We are ready to learn.

Being of benefit | Show up with an open heart. Contributes to collective action.


Entity Believes | intelligence and ability can’t be developed.

Incremental | Believe intelligence and ability can be developed.

Participatory | Create the conditions for everyone’s development.


What | Focus on maintaining what is familiar.

How | Focus on improving how we do what we do.

Who & Why | Focus on who we are being and why we do what we do.


Reduced | Reduce effort when the ability does not come easily.

Necessary | See effort as necessary for learning and mastery.

Flow | Align ourselves with the natural flow of life.


Inflexible | Hold set expectations about our relationships.

Adaptable | A practice of learning and growing together.

Emergent | A practice of flowing together in deep resonance.


Avoids | Give up when challenged. Failure as proof of inability.

Embraces | Persist when challenged. Failure is an opportunity to learn.

Transforms | Use learnings to transform the view of self and the world.


Selective | Selective about the feedback we pay attention to.

Constructive | Actively seek out feedback that helps us grow.

Dialogical | Value collective inquiry in the ecology of deep reflection.

Others’ Success

Insecure | Likely to feel insecure by the success of others.

Inspired | Likely to feel inspired by the success of others.

Partners | Engage as a partner in everyone’s flourishing.


Reactive | React against the symptoms of trauma.

Informed | Identify, learn from, and grow through, trauma.

Healing | Respond to trauma with individual and collective healing.


Expert System | A culture of experts, authorities, and gurus.

Learning System | A culture of growth and learning opportunities.

Regenerative System | A culture of collective transformation and co-evolution.


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