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Three things to help you end your day stress-free

  1. Decide on a time that you will stop what you are doing to start your bedtime routine. Let it be a time that is phone and technology free. Ensure this time is for unwinding and settling. Try to avoid checking your phone once your routine has begun – it can wait until the morning.⁠
  2. ⁠Have a hot bubble bath. Our muscles hold a lot of stress and tension from the day. Letting them soak in hot, soapy water can help them to relax and release tension. Create a little ritual out of it – light some candles, and use your favourite scented bath oils or bubbles. It is a wonderful way to prepare for the land of nod.⁠
  3. ⁠Read a book or listen to a hypnotherapy recording. Research has shown that reading reduces stress, clears the mind and prepares your body for sleep. Allow your mind to drift and become absorbed in another world. We have a number of hypnotherapy recordings available on our website, specifically designed to help you have better sleep.
The importance of an evening routine
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