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6 Basic Dimensions of Wellness

  1. Emotional Wellness – is about being able to acknowledge and channel our feeling. For instance, expressing love and other emotions.
  2. Spiritual Wellness – is about having a set of guiding beliefs, principles, and values that give meaning, purpose, and direction to our lives.
  3. Intellectual Wellness – is our ability to open our minds to new ideas and experiences that can benefit our personal and professional lives.
  4. Physical Wellness – is about taking proper care of our bodies so that they can function optimally to avoid extreme fatigue or physical stress.
  5. Social Wellness – is about building and maintaining positive relationships that add value to our and other people’s lives. It creates a sense of belonging.
  6. Career Wellness – is about being involved in work activities that allow you to show your talents and skillset, without sacrificing work-life balance.
The Wellness Wheel
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