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Seven items to regrow from food scraps

Discovering the magic of regrowing from food scraps is like uncovering a secret garden in your kitchen. Instead of tossing out those leftover bits, give them a second chance at life. Take the tops of your carrots, the ends of your green onions, or the seeds from your peppers, and place them in water or soil. With a little patience and regular watering, watch as new shoots emerge, reaching for the light. Lettuce can be regrown by placing leftover leaves in a bowl of water where it has contact with direct sunlight. The same method can be used to regrow basil so you’ll never be short of the much-loved seasoning ingredient. It’s a heartwarming process that reminds us of nature’s resilience and our ability to create abundance from seemingly small beginnings. So, next time you’re cooking, don’t discard those scraps – let them be the start of something beautiful.

Seven veggies to regrow from scraps:


Regrowing lettuce involves storing the leftover leaves into a bowl of one third water. Place the bowl onto a windowsill where it’ll receive a healthy amount of sunlight to grow efficiently.


Cut off the root end of an onion and plant it directly into the soil. Cover the top with some extra dirt and water it frequently. Make sure it’s planted in a spot where it’ll receive plenty of sun.

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Leftover garlic bulbs often get stored away in the back of a cupboard until it’s too late to use them. Instead of letting them expire, plant the bulb with the roots facing down into the soil in an area where it’ll receive sunlight.


Keep hold of pepper seeds and allow them to completely dry out for a day or so. Plant the seeds into the ground, make sure they receive sunlight and are frequently given water so they can grow again.

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Fresh herbs such as basil can be reused similarly to lettuce by being placed into a bowl of water and left in an area which receives direct sunlight.


Cucumbers have had a staggering price increase over the last few years. To make full use of their purchase, keep hold of the seeds and replant them so you have your very own collection.

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Keep hold of all potato peelings which have the eyes on the skin as they can be replanted into the ground. Have the eyes facing upward when planting the skins so the sprouts shoot up.


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