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Self-Love List for Autumn

As you may know by now, writing about self-love is something I feel rather passionate about. Autumn is the season of cooler, shorter days, a time to harvest all the goodness you created this year, feasting and celebrating your wins, pruning back what no longer serves you, putting aside and preparing for winter, choosing what to keep and what to release and so much more. How’s that for motivation?  So do join me this Autumn season enriching your life by showing yourself a little extra love.

Self-Love List for Autumn

Begin a new routine

After spending time outdoors during the summer months, it’s time to take on a new routine – it doesn’t need to be anything crazy. You can start small by going for a walk once or twice a week or stretching a few times a day. If you have been keeping up with regular fitness then now is a great time to try something different, or to push yourself further.

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Learn something new

This is as good a time as any to try that new thing you might have been putting off. Maybe there is an online course you have been interested in doing, or a class being offered locally?

Autumn... The Season to try something new
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Begin a new practice

Begin a new meditation practice, a gratitude practice, or journaling. Working out your thoughts and taking care of your soul is an important self-love practice. I use the Journey app for my gratitude practice, but any notebook will do, just write out three things you are grateful for every day. Do think about something new to add to your life; a new skill or a hobby and enjoy the long-term benefits of taking care of your soul.

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Try a new look

Looks are not everything but a fresh you sure can do wonders for your self-esteem – maybe it’s time to freshen up your Signature Style? So why not change up your style a little? Head to the salon and get a trim, refresh your hair colour or change your look entirely. You could dust off the Autumn / Winter wardrobe, get your nails done, buy new make-up, or simply buy a new jacket, you decide.

Get your Sanctuary Autumn ready

Spring is the perfect time to do a major overhaul of your home. Pick a weekend and get rid of those things that you don’t use. Donate to charity, give things away to friends or family. It is majorly wasteful to surround yourself with things that don’t add to your life. Besides, you may know someone who would gain genuine joy from adopting your old goodies.

After you have cleaned up your Sanctuary, add something new and fresh. A new plant or fresh flowers, new framed photos, rearrange the furniture, change your bedsheets to something warmer & cosier, or even add an autumnal-scented candle.

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Make a to-do list or goals

Setting small goals for the future and planning out some things for the months to follow is a great way to stay motivated and get things done. Self-love is about creating a full happy and healthy life, on the inside and out. It’s about discovering new things and doing the things you love to do. It’s about surrounding yourself with the people you love and creating an environment that helps you flourish.

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