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Rethinking our holiday gift-giving attitudes

If there’s one thing the last couple of years has taught me is to differentiate between want and need. I’ve got more than I need and I honestly don’t want or need anything – believe me when I say this; I never thought I’d say these words.

I’ve spent the last couple of years de-cluttering like a crazy woman; sold things, donated to charity, given to family & friends, thrown away things and so on, I then came across this quote that changed my perspective entirely:

“Look around you; All the clutter used to be money. And you earned that money not with Your Time, but Your Life.”

Rethinking our holiday gift-giving attitudes

This one really hit me. All those clothes I never (or barely) wore. The jewellery I never touched (or barely wore). The dishes that I never (or barely) used. I have wasted so much money, in the past, on things that I didn’t need & some I didn’t even want. I could have paid off much of my debt if I had stopped shopping so much sooner! Do you feel the same? What could you have paid off with wasted money?

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I think it’s time for us as a society to start rethinking our holiday gift-giving attitudes. Here are a few things you could do:

  • Start the conversation among your friends and family members. Do we really need to buy this many gifts and spend so much money? Can we do something else instead?

“Before buying a whole bunch of stuff for your loved ones this holiday season, maybe you should ask if they even do want a whole bunch of stuff.” ~ Joshua Becker

  • Request a change in what you personally receive. I’ve told my family that I don’t want any Christmas gifts at all, IF I do want something, it has to be something I need and I’ll send them the link.
  • Look for new traditions in your family. I mainly buy gifts for Khushi, but this year I am opting for homemade gifts. I’ve got a few beautiful ideas from Jordan Clark:
  • Give gifts in new ways. Look to consumables, experiences, or money for one significant gift rather than pile under the tree. I treated Khushi to Ariana Grande & Moosewala concert last year. Along with homemade gifts, I am creating themed gifts this year – like a Chinese Food-kit as she loves Chinese, a ‘Movie-Night box for her with a movie (obviously!), popcorn, can of soft drink, chocolates and candy etc.
  • Look for new ways to promote memories that do not centre around stuffing used wrapping paper into a trash bag (this is something I have trying to avoid for the last few years. Why not go Christmas carolling, have a Christmas game night or do Christmas arts and crafts together as a family.
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