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Have you heard of 'Happy Lists'
Live a Well-Designed Life Personality, Character & Self-Discovery

Have you heard of ‘Happy Lists’?

Let’s talk about Happy lists! Happy lists are simply short and sweet, take no time at all and are completely adaptable to whatever you feel like doing when you open your notebook with your lists in. In their purest form, happy lists are precious little bundles of inspiration that just happen to come in many …

16 Ways to Nurture Yourself more
Live a Well-Designed Life

16 Ways to Nurture Yourself more

Nurturing ourselves starts with identifying our needs. It’s about taking the time to reflect on your deepest yearnings and longings. Think about where you’re feeling empty. Where is there a gaping void or a small crack? Think about what you need emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Think about what a fulfilling, satisfying life looks like …

10 Things Organised People Do Every Day
Live a Well-Designed Life Quality of Life

10 Things Organised People Do Every Day

Being organised isn’t just about going through your paper piles once in a while. It’s not just about doing the spring cleaning thing once a year either. Those things are great, but organised people are organised because they’ve chosen to make organising part of their daily practice. Yes, I’m talking every. Single. Day. With that …