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Make everyday Magical

This is what life is about and I intentionally try to bring these feelings into my day to day life by focusing on what I can control – simple pleasures that remind me of my own rules for creating everyday magic. When I remember these rules – I am comforted. I am bliss. I am abundant. I am awake. I am love. When I do not listen to these rules I am distracted, scattered, fidgety and overwhelmed. And when I follow my rules for creating everyday magic, I am reminded of this beautiful quote:

“I open the door. The gorgeous guest from afar sweeps in. In her hands are her gifts — the gifts of hours and far-seeing moments, the gift of mornings and evenings, the gift of spring and summer, the gift of autumn and winter. She must have searched the heavens for boons so rare.” ~ Abbie Graham

Make everyday Magical

Over the last couple of years, I have picked up a lot of little ways to transform your everyday routines into moments of indulgence, little bits of everyday magic are about creating little magickal habits that are part of your daily routine.

5 ways to transform your everyday routines into moments of indulgence
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Be present

Live in the moment.

Infuse your life with love

Love in and of itself is a magical feeling. Whether it is expressed in romance, friendships, or familial connections, love is what connects us all. Give love. Share love. Speak love.

5-days of Self-Love
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Look for miracles

Miracles, both large and small are happening around you every single day. Recognise the magic, miracles, and blessings that surround you and you can be sure that by doing so, they will multiply tenfold.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

Gratitude is the foundation upon which magic is born. It makes even the tiniest morsels of joy worth celebrating and makes you a magnet to attract more incredible experiences and opportunities to you.

14 Days of Gratitude
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Don’t forget to dream

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in life’s day-to-day responsibilities that you forget about your own dreams and aspirations. When was the last time you allowed yourself to really dream of the life you desire? There is nothing more magical than living the life your soul craves.

“Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” ~ Swami Sivananda

How to Get Started with Your Dream Life
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