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List Ideas To Get You Organised

Daily to-do list

A running daily to-do list is probably the most helpful list that you can use to help keep organised. There are lots of different to-do list ideas you can do but daily is definitely my personal favourite type!

Weekly to-do list

A weekly to-do list can be a life-changing tool to keep (and stay) organised. I have a whole post on creating a productive and helpful weekly to-do list including a free digital list.

Goals list

Both short-term and long-term lists of your goals are very helpful for keeping your dreams and priorities in mind.

Fitness progress list

Keep track of your gym activities and progress. This isn’t just the scale/measurements but also how far you ran each day or how much you lifted. These lists will help keep you on track with your fitness goals and also will help keep you organised.

Stores/Shopping list

This is for stores and items besides groceries.

Meal planning list

Keeping a running list of what your meals will be for the next 5-7 days is so helpful for staying organised. It ensures you can avoid the fighting over what to eat and that you know what groceries you need to buy.

Budget list

This will depend on your individual family finances and what your preference is but I have found a general list tracking my incoming money and outgoing money helps me largely keep my finances in check.

Spending list

Similar to your budget list but a spending list is a more detailed list of what you are spending money on. This list helps you get a much better idea for budgeting on what areas you are spending money on and a good idea of where you could be saving money.

Running Grocery list

A running grocery list is great because you’re more likely to remember things if you write them down when you realise you need them rather than hoping to remember on the 1 day a week you normally write up your grocery list.

Emails to send

This is more so a list for me at work but it’s so important for me to jot down the emails I need to send.

Events to attend

I like to keep this list running as ideas of events I want to attend and fun things to do! I love checking out the local events on Facebook and then keeping a running list of them.

Cleaning lists

The best way in my experience is to break this up into daily, weekly, and monthly. It helps keep track of not only what needs to be cleaned but when the last time something was cleaned.

Books you want to read/ shows to watch lists

This is pretty self-explanatory but when you see a TV show you want to watch or hear about a book you want to read then jot it down. 

Birthday & Anniversary list

Make this list so you never forget the birthdays and anniversaries of your loved ones.

Areas/items to declutter list

Keeping a list of what needs organized or decluttered is so helpful that when you get the opportunity to declutter then you already have a great list to start with. This is super helpful when you get the time to work on organising your home.

Usernames and passwords lists

A notebook page that does not travel with you with your username and passwords can be super helpful. Remember – it’s much more secure to have random and un-associated passwords for each account you have.

Restaurants to try list

Keep a running list of restaurants you hear about or that are opening soon that you want to try. This is incredibly helpful when you are debating with your family/significant other about where you want to go to dinner.

Professional accomplishments lists

This is the last of the lists to make to get organised but it is so helpful! It’s actually very easy to forget about professional accomplishments such as the name of an award you won or the dates of certification.


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