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How to Take Inventory of Your Life

Set a timer for an hour.⁠

Write these three lists:⁠

  1. What’s not working for me?⁠
  2. What can I do about these things immediately?⁠
  3. What can I consider doing long term / ongoing?⁠

Then take action on your *immediate* actions list.⁠

Here’s an example that you can use to get inspired:⁠

  • **What’s not working for me:** Feeling disconnected in my relationship. ⁠
  • **What can I do about this immediately:** Text my partner now to ask them if we can do dinner tonight. Then, get clear on what I need to feel connected by journalling. Talk to them about it at dinner.⁠
  • **What can I do about this long term / ongoing:** Set up a weekly relationship date, so that when I feel disconnected I can resolve it quickly and easily.
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