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How to live a more enjoyable life + happiness audit

When was the last time you felt truly happy?

When was the last time you deeply enjoyed your life?

How enjoyable is your life right now on a scale of 1 – 10?

1 = you wake up dreading everything you have to do each day, you feel frustrated with your job, you’re bored with the people that surround you, you’re struggling financially, and your life feels like a never-ending to-do list and none of the tasks makes you feel excited

10 = you easily see the positive side to everything, people recognize how positive you are and they love being around you, you prioritize your own joy and pleasure without feeling guilty or ashamed about it, you love your body and you love and respect yourself

The truth is that how enjoyable our life is doesn’t depend on external circumstances.

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A high-paying job is not the key to happiness. There are Hollywood actors who make millions and struggle with depression or addictions.

Having a partner is not the key to happiness. There are couples who fight all the time, cheat on each other, and wish they had the courage to finally break up.

We tend to think that once we have _________ (insert your desire), THEN, and only then, we’ll be truly happy.

But think about this, Kiran Singh, how many times have you achieved a big goal, felt happy for a few days, and quickly went back to how you felt before achieving it? Worries, fears, and worst-case scenarios all over again.

How many times have you wanted a job to earn more money, then you earned more money, and still didn’t feel like it was enough?

How many times have you wanted something thinking that it will make you happy, and it didn’t make you happy in the long term?

That’s because we create our own happiness. And we have the opportunity to create it every day over and over again.

Whatever happens in the outside world is only temporary and you can’t rely on other people or situations to make you happy.

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So what’s the key to happiness then? How can you make your life more enjoyable if not by getting a promotion, losing 10 pounds, finding a partner, or getting approved for a new house?

Your thoughts and actions are the keys to a more enjoyable life.

When you truly feel like a powerful badass woman, comments of others won’t shake that confidence and how much you enjoy being yourself.

When you’re in a deep state of gratitude where you feel blessed that you have the ability to buy a new toothpaste before you completely run out of the current one, you will feel happy with the amount of money you have and you will find joy in your relationship with money. You won’t feel angry when it’s not here and you’ll start to receive more of it.

When you have an unshakable trust that God/Universe/whatever you believe in always has your back, you’ll walk through life knowing that it will get better and you will find joy where you are. When you know God/Universe always supports you, you’ll be able to stay focused on the positive and choose faith over fear.

This is not to say that you’ll never feel sad, angry, or frustrated again. You are meant to live your life experiencing the full spectrum of emotions. Your emotions are valid and it’s okay to feel them and acknowledge them.

However, when you focus on creating a more enjoyable life, you’ll be able to deal with low-energy emotions in a more positive way, so they don’t shake your foundation and make you feel like a mess, going lower on a joy scale every time something unexpected happens.

Each of us has our own individual fears, worries, and mindset blocks that keep us away from being a 10 on the joy scale. That’s why I want to talk to you 1:1.

If you want to create a more enjoyable and fulfilling life for yourself, then I invite you for a happiness audit.

You are ALLOWED to create a life that feels amazing.

There is a way for you to start feeling better.

There is a way for you to start waking up and thinking to yourself ‘’I’m so excited about today!!’’

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