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4 Tips for cultivating happiness in everyday life

Happiness comes in big and small packages; from the slight chuckle after a joke, to full-on bliss after biting into pizza on a Friday night. It also comes from the ordinary and extraordinary interactions that we have in our everyday lives.

What are some natural ways to create happiness and to maintain a healthy balance in your life while being grounded?

Grounding is a common term that describes many different practices to different disciplines. For example, in mental health, grounding practices help you become emotionally balanced and mentally clear. From the physical perspective, grounding practices help connect your energy to the Earth’s energy and be supported and nourished by these frequencies. From the Spiritual or energetic perspectives, grounding practices help you connect with the Divine flow of inspiration and creativity. Finally, all grounding practices settle you and help you create a solid foundation in your life.

4 Tips for cultivating happiness in everyday life

Below I share 4 ways for cultivating happiness in everyday life.

Tip #1: Look for beauty.

Beauty is everywhere. It is in the way that we choose kind interactions. Beauty is visible in the flowers blooming around us. It is the time that we take to connect to family or friends outside of a busy schedule. Drink your favourite cup of tea, sit at the beach and meditate and so much more! Beauty inspires us, and it lightens our hearts and incites happiness.

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Tip #2: Try something new.

We cultivate happiness in new moments. Take the time out of your schedule to go to a museum or take a new hike and explore the local areas you haven’t seen. You might even consider doing something a little daring and out of the ordinary – perhaps there is that yoga class that has been happening in the park or a community arts & crafts class you’ve been wanting to attend? Get out of the house, break your routine, and introduce something different to your day!

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Tip #3: Do something nice for someone every week that doesn’t involve money.

This tip comes from my late, beloved Mum. She loved to do one thing for others every day that didn’t involve money. She’d cook a meal for a friend and deliver it. She’d bring someone else a flower arrangement from her garden. She’d get vegetables. She’d write a note and send it. Giving back warms the heart.

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Tip #4: Smile and laugh.

A smile is infectious. It is the easiest way to bring joy to yourself and others. Even if you are sitting at your computer, you might try working with a smile on your face. Let your mind drift to a happy memory, let that memory overtake the moment, and allow your body to feel the happiness and extend that to a smile. Smile at your neighbour, your mail delivery driver, your partner, strangers. Remember that you don’t know what someone is carrying in their heart at any one moment – a smile can go a long way on a challenging day!

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