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How to Change Your Life

It’s simple!


A book you read this week / weekend can change your life for decades to come. If you can’t read, listen. Find podcasts, speeches, essays, anything that opens your mind and makes you consider something you didn’t before.

The Woman I Want to Be
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Decide what is going to matter to you. Pick a few things you’re going to devote your life to and let go of everything else. Study the greats, the ones who have walked the path before you.

Draft a vision of your highest potential future self, and then trace the elements of their lives back to where you are right now Embody them slowly.

My Intentional Year Bundle
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Notice what makes you most envious – this is what you truly want. Notice what makes you feel most regretful – this is what you need to do next.

Write down three facts you’d like to be true about yourself and repeat them to yourself every day in the present tense. Be ambitious.

What kind of person do you want to be
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Remember that the way you saw life lived was not how existence must be. Let yourself grieve. Get rid of the clutter, both mental and physical. Draw outside the lines. Break the chains. Remember why you came here, and what you were meant to do.

How to Change Your Life


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