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Fall in Love with the Frenchie in You

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a very long time; Why do I love Paris? After only a few trips, I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with the City of Love! What is it that makes me love Paris? The people, the food, the wonderful sights, walking along the Seine, the quirkiness, French women’s secret to fashion and beauty – too many reasons, but the main one is the feeling that I have when I am there – the feeling of complete contentment and a feeling that I’ve come home – that’s this is where I belong.

The Art of Living the French Way
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As we all know, it has often been said that French women have that certain ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ that speaks to a confident elegance that is neither boastful nor overbearing but sharply present nonetheless. French women are seen as the epitome of confidence, style and sophistication. What is it about women in France that they seem to exude these qualities so naturally?

I caught up with Jamie CatCallan, Author of ‘Bonjour Happiness’ who shared with me her top ten tips for bringing a little French into your life.

Chose quality over quantity

French women believe in choosing only the very best, whether it comes to food or wine or clothing or perfume.

Be mysterious

French women don’t tell you everything that’s on their minds at any given moment.  They live in that uncertain in-between place.

Don’t Date

Rather, French women will go out in groups or host dinner parties. These are wonderful ways to get to know a gentleman in a non-pressurized situation.

Go on a Date with Yourself
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Take your time

Walk, rather than drive.  Enjoy a leisurely meal.  Sit at a café for hours, reading.  Wander the boulevards.  Daydream.


French Women take dance lessons and keep them in their lives, always.  It’s their secret to good posture and grace.


French women are intelligent and can discuss philosophy and literature.  They attend the latest gallery shows and cultural events in town.  This engagement with the world around them makes them trés Charmant!

The Woman I Want to Be
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Know your history

French women will look to their grandparents and ancestors to deconstruct fashion cues and signifiers.  They study other cultures and incorporate a worldview into their style decisions.

Look at love as a story

French women take the long view when it comes to love. They understand that some love stories have happy endings and some have sad endings.  It’s the journey that counts, not the destination.

Let go of perfection

French women don’t believe in perfection, but not only that – they find beauty in imperfection.

Find balance

French women never overdo anything, but rather find the perfect balance and moderation in all things.  That said, French women have been known to fall madly, passionately and unapologetically in love.


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