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3 power tips to help you avoid self-sabotaging your dreams

Tip No. 1

Get clear on what you really want.

Confusion is your mind’s way of keeping you where you are.

Stop telling yourself you just don’t know.

You actually really do know, give yourself permission to allow yourself to want it!

Tip No. 2

Decide and go all in.

Indecision is a result of fear and will keep you stuck.

Acknowledge why you’re afraid, embrace the fear and do it anyway.

And when I say do it anyway, I mean really go ahead and do it. Back yourself and go all in on your dreams.

We only have this one life!

Tip No. 3

Practice discipline.

Dreams without discipline are just wishes.

Become disciplined at taking action towards your dreams and goals, however big or small the steps may be.

In every moment you can choose to act in a way that will bring you closer to being the woman you want to be and having the results in your life you desire.

But it takes discipline to make that choice in every moment!

I used to be a woman who self-sabotaged her own success but my life changed the day I decided to become a woman who no longer tolerates the self-sabotaging of her dreams.

When I decided to become a woman who knows what she wants and wants it unapologetically.

When I decided to step into the shoes of the future version of me who is decisive, who goes all in on her decisions and who has her own back, always.

When I decided to become a woman who is disciplined and who knows she can do hard things.

This is the work I continue to do each and every day and I’d love to help you do this work too.

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I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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