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Focus on changing yourself not others

Learning to focus on changing myself and not spending my time and energy on wanting and expecting others to change has been one of my most difficult mindset shifts but an amazingly empowering one.

For those of you who strive for perfection (I see you!), who like to be in control and to have everything in (your own idea) perfect order, this seems like an impossible way of thinking.

But when we accept that we simply cannot control the actions of others, but we can control how we chose to react to the actions of others, it is a life-changing moment.

Right there in that mindset shift, you gain so much power in your life and so much more control in your life than you ever knew was possible.

Now for those of us who are controlling freaks, that’s got to be good news right?!

Importantly you gain control over the things that actually really make a difference in the results you’re able to create in your life, and you release yourself from the never-ending disappointment and anxiety over the things that were never within your ability to control in the first place.

From that space, amazing things can happen!

So as this very wise unknown author said – if you want to succeed, focus on changing yourself not others.

From the changes, we make within comes our greatest growth and our greatest success.

Too many of us never put ourselves on our own list let alone at the top of that list. But success really is an inside job and when we ask others to change, or even the world to change, instead of looking for the change we need within ourselves, we give away our power to become the woman we truly aspire to be.

So I encourage you to put yourself on your list and only yourself on your list.

See success as an inside job.

Seek to understand the changes you can make to create the extraordinary life you desire. Then take hold of the power you have to make them.

That power is available to you right now, it’s right there within you.

And when you finally take that power and become the change you need to see, you become unstoppable!


I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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