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5 Steps to Plan Your Year

An annual calendar puts you in charge of how you use your time. It gives you the perspective and focuses you need to move from the passenger seat to the driver’s side of life. It’s the next step in bringing your purpose, vision and hope map to life.

5 Steps to Plan Your Year

Start with the obvious

Write down birthdays, holidays and other regular significant events that are part of the rhythm of your life. Don’t get overwhelmed with small details yet – focus on the main occasions that shape your year.

How to Plan & Live Your Year Intentionally


Add your Hopes & Desires

Looking at your hope map, are there key milestones, events or opportunities you want to note? For example, the date of the marathon you want to run, the personal growth seminar you want to attend or the launch of your blog.

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Bust the energy drainers

Add any known energy drainers that will have to be taken care of, so you’re prepared to tackle these head-ons. For example, when will you submit your self-assessment, book a health check-up, spring-clean your living space?

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Prioritise some fun

Plan some pick-me-ups in your calendar on a regular basis – to keep your motivation and energy levels up. For example, have you booked an annual holiday, is there a concert you want to see, would you value a spa day with a friend?

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Take a deep breath and relax, knowing this list is there to guide you, not govern you, as you focus on the things you most want to complete. Of course, if your annual calendar looks overwhelming at this point, now is a good time to see what you can delegate, what you can delay until next year or what you can simply delete. Be sure that when you look at the big picture of what will unfold this year, it’s taking you towards the kind of life you want.

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