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What to do when hope is lost

When we feel that hope is lost, we must remember that no emotion is ever “had” or “lost,” but merely generated or not generated based on our current thoughts, actions, and focus. Thus, we are either generating hope or we are not. If we lack hope, we have simply lost focus and perspective – we’ve become myopic and obsessed about our immediate days or our string of difficult moments. In these darker times, we must expand our awareness and consciousness to the greater stream of life that is happening all around.


To generate hope:

Keep your perspective.

When the dark clouds of despair gather, remember to look for the joys and smiles and sunlight of life. There is a lot of positivity out there and much to feel blessed and grateful for.

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Rekindle your strengths.

If hope feels lost, spend time thinking about and journaling about some of the good days, about your wins, about your loved ones, about your strengths, about your blessings… remember and FEEL them and integrate those positive recollections and emotions into your body.

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Make a plan.

Sit down and think of three things you can do today to progress your life, your career, and your relationships. What three things can you do in each area today? And tomorrow? Just keep taking life by the day, always moving toward your dreams or seeking new experiences and learnings in order to discover them. Progress will bring you more hope.

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Be patient.

Let’s be real: to achieve your dreams’s going to take time. Be okay with that. When you’re cool with the time and effort it takes to achieve meaningful things, you’re more apt to be patient with yourself and with others.

Your day is coming, your time is near, your dreams are closer than you imagine. One day at a time.

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