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Live a Well-Designed Life Personality, Character & Self-Discovery

Now is the time to be the best version of yourself

It’s so simple yet incredibly powerful: learn to live with intent. When you do that, you’ll rediscover every bit of happiness and beauty life has to offer. Modern-day life is much like a high-speed train. The landscape is just outside the window, but most of us are going too fast to truly see and experience …

What do you invest your time and energy in?
Live a Well-Designed Life Personality, Character & Self-Discovery

Does your life inspire you?

When the world is quiet and you’re truly alone with your mind, what do you think about it? What do you hope for? Follow that! [embedyt][/embedyt] I hope you find the kind of moments that take your breath away. The kind of moments that change you. I hope you travel to places that cleanse …

Daily Meaningful Mindfulness Routine
Live a Well-Designed Life Quality of Life

Daily Meaningful Mindfulness Routine

Since learning about Mindfulness, passing my Mindfulness Diploma a few years ago and practising Mindfulness in my daily life, my life has shifted tremendously. Living in mindfulness simply means living in the moment – in the now! Mindfulness helps you to calm the compulsive chatter in your head and to get some rest from your problems, your worries and …

Live a Well-Designed Life