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Small things to do to improve your life

  • Try to learn something new every week – Learning new things is a wonderful way to better yourself and ensure that you are making positive progress in your life.
  • Start planning your days in the morning – Daily planning is key to having better days in your life!
  • Organise your closet – Organising your closet is such a simple step to take but it can make your days better when you aren’t wasting time looking for the right clothes to wear amongst lots of clothes you don’t like to wear.
  • Listen to at least 1 podcast a week – Podcasts are a great thing to listen to in the background while you are doing other tasks so you can improve yourself from the podcast and get things done at the same time.
  • Put effort into improving your sleep – No excuses on this one! Getting better sleep at night is so important for improving your mental well-being as well as your productivity.
  • Try to drink more water – Staying hydrated is so important for mental clarity and physical health.
  • Clean out your fridge/freezer and get it organised with those tools – This isn’t the most fun thing to do but most of our fridges and freezers need some work.
  • Try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day – Get up and get moving to help your body and your mind.
  • Start an annual bucket list – Bucket lists are so fun and they are also inspiring and motivating to remind you to take on fun new challenges.
  • Listen to at least one audiobook a month – This has similar reasoning to audiobooks.
  • Stretch your body for 5 minutes a day – Stretching your body is a commonly forgotten element to improving your physical well-being yet it is so important.
  • Start journaling every morning
  • Call a loved one at least once a week – Reach out to a family member that would appreciate hearing from you.
  • Aim to exercise 4 times a week – Regular exercise is so great for your body but it also has lots of other benefits.
  • Try to spend time in nature daily – Get outside and appreciate nature and of course all of the fresh air.
  • Organise and declutter your phone – An organised phone is something you will use every day.
  • Create and follow a monthly budget
  • Make a monthly wall calendar – Start organising your months better with a monthly wall calendar.
  • Try to watch only 1 hour of TV a day – Minimising your TV time will help you have time in your days to do better things that can help you improve your life.
  • Have a no-spend day every week – This is so helpful for bettering your financial situation!
  • Start weekly meal planningMeal planning has tons of benefits for the health of your diet and it also can help you save money.
  • Take more pictures of what you do, yourself, and your loved ones – These are memories that you will cherish forever!
  • Take steps to improve your mood when you’re having a bad day
  • Form a healthy evening routine – Set yourself up for a healthy next day with a healthy nighttime routine.
  • Create and stick to shopping lists, for all stores, not just groceries – This is such a small way to better your finances but it makes a huge difference.
  • Use a weekly planner – it will help you be more organized and productive.
  • Read 6 self-development books a year – Different people will prefer different ones so try to find the self-development books that will help you improve your life.
  • Work on creating a positive morning routine – Because your morning routine helps to set the mood for your entire day.
  • Practice forgiving others and not holding onto grudges – Don’t let those past feelings weigh you down so you can grow and become the best version of yourself.
  • Treat yourself to one new item of clothing a month – You deserve a wardrobe that reflects you and that you feel comfortable in.
  • Go through all the subscriptions you pay for and evaluate if you use them – Make sure you are really using them to justify the expenses.
  • Say out loud something you’re thankful for every dayGratitude is so helpful for improving your mindset which is essential to living your best life.
  • Form a Sunday routine to set your week up for success – This is beyond helpful for helping you have the best possible weeks.
  • Learn to take at least a 15-minute break after every 4 hours of working
  • Work on not multitasking, rather focus on one thing at a time – This helps your time management in the long run.
  • Delete any social media apps that make you sad – Don’t sacrifice your mental well-being for any social media sites/apps.
  • Write weekly to-do lists
  • Celebrate your successes no matter how small – You deserve to celebrate any success but an extra celebration for any that helps you get out of your comfort zone.
  • Buy small comfort items regularly (like candles, blankets, chocolates, flowers etc.) – These are great for your mental wellness.
  • Eat at least 2 servings of fruits and veggies daily – Help yourself improve your life with a more balanced diet!
  • Invest in your skincare – This is an investment that your future self will really thank you for.
  • Start a habit journal to track your progress on new habits – This is one of the best ways to track more positive habits and make them actually stick – Such a small change that can help you get into a better mindset right away in the morning. Read all about habits here.
  • Try to find a career or personal mentor – Mentors are so great for teaching you the things you need to know to better your life.
  • Write a list of your “bad habits” and then start tackling one – Take on one at a time!
  • Start a gratitude journal – To help you work on daily gratitude!
  • Remember to put effort into loving yourself – Loving yourself is one of the most valuable things you can do.
Small things to do to improve your life


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