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Shake Up Your Style – How to Develop a Personal Look

If you are tired of looking at the same, well-worn garments in your wardrobe each day, you might be eager to shake up your style. As a result, you will be able to ooze confidence every day and have fun with your fashion.

To help you overhaul your wardrobe, read the following advice on how to develop a personal look that will make you appear more fashion-forward and walk with your head held high.

Shake Up Your Style - How to Develop a Personal Look

Understand Your Body Shape

It is important to own who you are when buying clothing, and you cannot do that until you understand your body shape. Different body shapes will require different silhouettes. For example, A-line and empire cuts are ideal for those who have an apple-shaped body, while V-necklines and pencil-cut skirts are perfect for people with an inverted triangle body shape.

Pick a Signature Item

If you long to develop a celebrity style that captures people’s attention, you will need a signature item. For example, you would never catch Anna Wintour without her much-loved glasses, and Kate Middleton is also known for a glossy blow-dry. You need to find a look or item that works for you and stick with it.

Own Your Current Size

Many people are tempted to throw on a baggy sweater and sweatpants to hide their curves (or lack of them). However, it is important to own the size you are now. Even if you plan to lose or put on weight in the future, you don’t have to say goodbye to all fashion sense. For example, you could follow in the footsteps of Ashley Graham and wear clothing that makes you exude confidence.


Create a Fashion Mood Board

A mood board could help you to develop your own signature style. You can go down the traditional route of cutting outlooks from a magazine, or you could create a fashion mood board online at Pinterest. Whichever option you choose, you should bring together many of your favourite pieces and find the same or similar item to add to your wardrobe.

Say no to the Items That Don’t Complement Your Body Shape

It is also important to understand what you do not like. For example, a wrap dress might look beautiful on a celebrity, but it might not compliment your body shape. Even if it is created by Diane von Furstenberg herself, you shouldn’t buy the item if it will not make you feel good.

Choose a Colour that Suits Your Skin Tone

In addition to finding the perfect silhouettes for your body shape, you must also choose the perfect colours. There are some hues that might naturally compliment your skin tone or others that will make you appear washed out. For example, metallic shades are often better suited for people who have bronzed-skin, while baby blue can be perfectly paired against pale skin and will look great with a pop of red lipstick and a smoky eye.

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