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Reinventing Myself

I’m obsessed with the idea that we, as women, hold the power to reinvent ourselves whenever we want to. One of the most thrilling, creatively energizing, and empowering truths are that we get to choose the kind of woman we want to be. And we can tune into her at ANY time.

The Woman I Want to Be

Throughout my life and my career, I have constantly examined myself, reinvented myself, and built myself into a woman I am incredibly proud of. And it is truly an ongoing process.

Here are a few questions I love to ask myself as a little check-in whenever I am focusing on levelling up and becoming the woman I want to be:

  • Does my mindset align with the woman I want to be? (am I thinking thoughts that support me? or am I fueling negative thoughts?)
  • Does the way I’m dressing align with the woman I want to be? (am I a hot mess express or do I look chic and polished and ready for anything?)
  • Does the way I’m living align with the woman I want to be? (lifestyle, home, etc.)
Reinventing Myself
  • Does the way I’m treating my body align with the woman I want to be? (am I being lazy and eating chips at my desk all day? or am I moving my body and eating nutrient-rich foods that will raise my vibration, and make me glow from the inside out?)
  • Does the way I’m showing up in my relationships align with the woman I want to be? (am I being self-centred and snippy? or am I being kind, supportive, and loving to those around me?)
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Take some time today to answer these questions honestly, and then make upgrades/changes as needed.

It is never, ever too late, and you have the opportunity for growth every minute of every day. And this one feels perfect.

Here are a few mantras for anyone who rains on their own parade, or prevents themselves from feeling happy because they play the comparison game.

  • We MUST enjoy, honour, and respect our seasons. Each of us has a unique path to walk in this life, and no amount of wishing and comparing can change that.
  • Her success does not equal your failure.
  • Her beauty does not take away from your own.
  • Her abundance does not take anything from your pocket.
  • There is more than enough of everything to go around and EVERYTHING is happening right on time.
  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Stay focused on gratitude and you will always have a full heart.
The Woman I Want to Be
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I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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