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A Life Update

There is an invisible force that is always guiding you through your life. It speaks to you through the quiet whisper within, the pull in your heart, the knowing in your gut, the desire that you can’t explain. Following this inner guidance may take you down unknown paths, through uncharted territory and require you to be courageous, brave and even reckless… but ultimately it asks you to commit to following your truth above all else. It asks you to follow what feels like joy, even if it makes no sense. It asks you to follow what feels in alignment, even if you have to let go.

A Life Update

It was this guiding force that started speaking to me 14 years ago. It spoke to me and said that my time in Norway was coming to an end. That it was time to leave behind the life I had spent the last 30 years building. That it was time to start anew. I then moved to London and have spent the last 14 years here.

When we moved to Hastings (our 4th Home) back in 2020 – there was a specific ‘reason‘ behind it which, at that time, I didn’t understand, but as the days, weeks, months and years went by – I realised that the ‘reason‘ behind moving to Hastings (apart from fulfilling a life-long dream of living at the seafront in a beautiful victorian apartment) was to learn to SLOW DOWN, SIMPLIFY and LET GO, to discover WHO I REALLY AM, to strip back every belief, thought etc. I was brought up with. It was to undo everything that wasn’t me.

This inner guidance started speaking to me again a few months ago and told me it was time to uproot, release my old life and move up north – which we will be doing in April. For months I felt it speaking through my heart and my body. My inner knowing was telling me that this is where the next chapter of my life was going to start…

The next chapter… Where Khushi will turn 18 and start her own journey, the next chapter where I will, for the first time ever – be on my own – full-time, as exciting as this is, it’s a bit scary too – not having anyone to look after and care for, but myself.

Truth be told, I have been waiting for this time to come for over a decade, to get my life ‘back’ – and now, that time is slowly approaching… My inner guidance has been calling me out of comfort and familiarity and into the unknown. So here I am – packing the last 2 years of my life, following the pull.

Ready for a new chapter… Ready to start again… Ready to reinvent myself… Rediscover my Purpose…

“You don’t decide what your purpose is in life you discover it. Your purpose is your reason for living. Your purpose explains what you are doing with your life. Your vision explains how you are living your purpose. Your goals enable you to realise your vision.”

~ Bob Proctor

I want to focus on what matters the most to me in this season of life; to feel grounded and connected, to live a slow, simple, intentional and meaningful day-to-day life, transform our home into a sacred space, cook and eat nourishing and comforting meals, go for long walks and listen to audiobooks,  practise yoga and meditate, take in all the wonder that life brings my way and so forth. True happiness, fulfilment and meaning come from the daily habits of well-being that we each cultivate, based on our own dreams and values.

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I am learning to live a more intentional life, focused on those pursuits that bring meaning, fulfilment and joy to my life. The truth is; Life is not a race, but a journey to be savoured each step of the way – trust the journey. I am not sure where my life is taking me next, but I am super excited about who I am becoming.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey, as I share with you what I’ve learned. In the meantime, please excuse the dust, as I recalibrate.

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Right now I am moving through a big change and transition, and I am deep in the messy middle.⁣

I am in the part where the old has fallen away but the new is not yet fully formed.⁣

I am in the space in between, hovering between one world and another as I wait for pieces of the puzzle to fall into place and the path ahead to crystallise.⁣

And I’ve noticed how unsettling this space can feel. I’ve found myself struggling to be with the messiness of it.⁣

I’ve caught myself wanting to rush and force ahead to the new to escape this sticky in-between space.⁣

I’ve been questioning myself and my desires and making myself wrong for how long it seems to be taking.⁣

And so daily, I have had to remind myself that transitions are not meant to be clean-cut, neat and tidy. They are not a process to be controlled.⁣

Instead, they are often a messy and clunky journey of untangling yourself from one reality and building another.⁣

They are often filled with loose ends, doors not fully closed and other doors that are waiting to open.⁣

And that is ok.⁣

The invitation of our transitions is to BE with all that they bring – the messiness, the chaos, the change, the uncertainty, the in-between, the powerlessness, and the frustration.⁣

They remind us that life is not always meant to feel perfect or filled with forward momentum.⁣

Amongst the seasons of forging forward are also seasons of waiting, surrender and trust.⁣

Our transitions invite us into a deep space of grace with ourselves, to practice patience and self-compassion.⁣

They invite us to be with our full range of emotions – grief, frustration, sadness, hope, excitement and disappointment. ⁣

They call us deeper into our humanness and our imperfection.⁣

And they help us witness the ways we try to escape the present moment because it is uncomfortable.⁣

And so navigating transitions is about finding the gift in them, rather than getting lost in the struggle.⁣

Welcoming the experience, even if it is uncomfortable.⁣

Trusting life, even if it is not going according to plan.⁣

Placing faith in your desires, even if you can’t see proof of them.⁣

Letting it all be.⁣

And then loving yourself through it.

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If you like myself, are finding yourself in the space of in-between, please remember; Your life is not a destination to arrive at. It’s unfolding. And so, let it unfold. Let yourself be led to the next exciting thing. Let yourself release the grasp on trying to force it so that all the magic, miracles, blessings, and lessons can find their way to you. Let go. Trust in doing so, you end up exactly where you’re meant to be.


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