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Habits That Have Radically Improved My Life

Most people think that the best way to do this is through giant leaps and grand gestures. But the truth is that this approach is usually unsustainable, and all too soon, our motivation fizzles and we revert straight back to our old ways.

Instead, a far more sustainable and effective approach is to focus on the small choices you make every day. 

Over time, it’s these seemingly small habits that move the needle most and can make the most significant difference in your life.

Read on to discover the 15 simple habits I do every day that have radically improved my health, happiness and productivity more than anything else.

Meditation, Prayer & Daily Visualisation in the Morning:

Meditation grounds me while praying provides a much-needed spiritual connection that feeds my soul. After my meditation, I always visualise my goals. Here’s a little tip: Smile as you see your goals already manifested. This tiny act triggers positive emotions and raises your vibration making you a magnet for your goals. 

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Workout Daily

I aim to move my body daily, through yoga, Pilates or walks. I love a good Pilates workout, makes me feel strong whilst going for long walks in the woodlands or a park brings me calmness and makes me feel grounded. Whenever I feel disconnected from life, I pay Mother Nature a much-needed visit.

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Eat at Set Times

I try to eat meals at the same time every day. This not only brings a predictable rhythm to my life, it also aids digestion and helps us avoid energy slumps. I eat breakfast at 9 AM, lunch at 1 PM and dinner at 5 PM.

Do Meal Planning and Food Prep for the coming week on the weekend

About a month ago, I started batch-cooking 2-3 dinners twice a week. Our meals are simple but super nourishing. Each meal is built around a simple framework: healthy carbs, healthy protein, healthy fats, and lots of fibre. This allows us to eat balanced, highly nutritious meals daily. By keeping things simple, it frees up time so I can focus on other things.

Go to Bed Early

I’m in bed by 10 pm most nights. An early bedtime works so well for me as it means I get enough sleep and wake up well-rested.

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Limit Your TV Watching

We live in a cute and tiny apartment so our living room is a multi-functional space: living room (obviously), my bedroom, dining room, office and hallway so there’s no space for a TV nor do I want to own one. If and when I want to watch something, I’ll do it on my tablet.

Read Before Sleep

Reading a few pages of a book is the perfect transition into sleep mode. I love diving into different worlds and broadening our horizons before bed. As a bonus, without a TV to eat into our reading time, I get through way more books than I otherwise would.

KS Books

Get Out In Nature As Much As Possible

I aim to get outdoors as much as possible every single day. I love and adore going for a 1-2 hour-long walk in the woodlands.

Switch Your Phone To Silent

My phone is almost always on silent unless I am waiting for an urgent call. The constant ringing or pinging of your phone can send your cortisol levels shooting through the roof. It can also take you out of precious moments with your loved ones, or break your concentration if you’re working. Silent mode is my default, and I am so much calmer, happier and more productive for it.


So there you have it: a personal playbook of 9 habits, distilled from years of learning, tweaking, and refining.

These habits might seem small when viewed in isolation, or when looked at one day at a time. 

But with the addition of one of the most powerful forces on the planet – consistency – these small actions compound, and in the end, are what truly shape our days and eventually, our lives.

Start weaving even just a handful of these habits into your daily routine, and I promise you, you’ll be looking back a year from now amazed at the huge strides you’ve made.


I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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