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How to Embody Your Higher Self

1. You need to get clear on what you do want instead of what you don’t want.

Your subconscious doesn’t understand the negatives. For example: What comes to your mind when I say, “I don’t want to live in a small, old, run-down apartment in a big city?” A mental picture of that exact thing comes into your mind even though you said you DON’T want it.

If there is something in your life you aren’t happy with, use it to give you clarity on what you DO want instead.

How to Embody Your Higher Self

2. Make a detailed list of everything you desire.

Get as specific as possible. I am specific so I need to get crystal clear on every single detail I desire to manifest. I’ll give you an example; before we moved to our new apartment at the seafront of Hastings, I used to visualise, daydream, create vision boards etc., of what I exactly was looking for; a 2-bed apartment in a Victorian property with large bay windows and a balcony at the seafront – and that is exactly what I got (well… almost got – except the balcony).

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This is the digital vision board I created and put as a background on my laptop, desktop, phone and tablet.

And this is where I am blessed to call my Home

3. Find photos and/or videos of what you want to create in your life.

Again you communicate with your subconscious mind through visuals. You can visualise what you want in your mind, and write out a detailed list, but collecting inspirational photos and creating a vision board using an online photo editor to look at often is also very useful.

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4. Believe it’s possible.

Sometimes you need to take smaller steps to work up to believing the full thing is possible. In my case I needed to get my butt to Costa Rica and stay in a community, then once I made friends and they had the same vision of living together in a house it felt way more possible to make that my reality.

What is the next baby step towards manifesting your desire?

For me, right now – I am all about living a slow, simple and intentional life. I am so done with hustling and rushing through life. One thing I am focusing on this year is this: SLOW GROWTH. We all have goals that we’d like to reach. And, if we had the choice, we would prefer to reach them sooner rather than later and there’s nothing wrong with achieving a goal quickly, but the insatiable desire to enjoy results now – with little regard for the process – is hurting our health, our happiness, and our lives in general.

The media and society are continuously glorifying the end result (earn more money, find love and so on) and it’s becoming dangerously easy to think that the goal is what validates us and not the journey we embark upon and who we become in the process.

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5. Let go of resistance.

Stop trying to control when and how your manifestation will show up in your life. Create your vision and work towards it, create an inspired action plan and take small steps towards making it happen. Remember; ENJOY THE JOURNEY – embrace who you’re becoming on this beautiful journey towards becoming the woman you want to be and living the life you truly desire.

6. Embody the feeling.

How would you feel if what you desire manifested right now in your physical reality? Embody that emotion NOW! Emotions are just energy in motion, and to become an energetic match for your desire you need to get on that frequency. And what controls our frequency? Our thoughts and feelings.


This is a collage I created towards the end of 2020, and it captures all those things that are the most important to my introverted self; accepting myself fully in the season of life I am in, nourishing and comforting foods, a beautiful home decorated with the season, mindful and meaning moments, spending time in nature, working on my personal growth.

“Focus on aligning yourself with the highest version of yourself. When you work hard and are adaptable to what life brings you, blessings poor in left and right.”

EXERCISE (Grab your Journal)

Page 1 – Your Five-Year Vision

On page 1, I encourage you to really sit and get clear on your five-year vision. Know exactly where you want to be, what you will have accomplished and what you’ll be doing – write all of this down.

Make sure you include your why and what in here – don’t worry about the how just trust that with time the “how” will come to you.

This is going to be your north star – everything you’re driving towards. Writing it down just made it even more real for you.

Page 2 – Your Highest Self

Then, sit and write about your highest self in the third person. “She is… she does…”.

Get really clear about the type of person she is, how she feels, how she behaves and the habits she has. You want to be described in so much detail what your highest self looks like – we are all going to have such a different image in our heads.

Page 3 – Your I Am Statements

Next, using your five-year vision and your highest self-description, I want you to create 10 “I Am” statements… i.e.:

  • I am creating a life of happiness and abundance.
  • I am abandoning old habits and introducing new, positive ones.

Whatever it is for you, that brings in a combination of the things you’re attracting from your five-year vision, as well as the type of person you need to be to work from your highest self.


I want you to read over it morning and night.

Take it all in.

  • Watch yourself start to move in the direction of your dreams, taking solid action every day.
  • Watch yourself beginning to adopt the habits that you’ve described of your higher self.
  • Watch yourself change the way you talk to yourself and become more confident.

Then, use the rest of the journal to work on activities like this, as well as journaling about your journey – the progress, the hard bits, the slip-ups, the wins…

Writing is such a therapeutic activity.


I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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