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Have you heard of 'Happy Lists'
Live a Well-Designed Life Personality, Character & Self-Discovery

Have you heard of ‘Happy Lists’?

Let’s talk about Happy lists! Happy lists are simply short and sweet, take no time at all and are completely adaptable to whatever you feel like doing when you open your notebook with your lists in. In their purest form, happy lists are precious little bundles of inspiration that just happen to come in many …

Create your own recipe for a Happy Life
Live a Well-Designed Life Quality of Life

Create your own recipe for a Happy Life

Create your own recipe for a happy life.  Season it with love,  compassion,  and positive intentions,  and you will enjoy a lifetime of contentment and fulfilment – starting right now!  Fall in love again…with your life and your dream. Take time to appreciate the brilliance, beauty, and magnificence of your own life. Care for yourself …