Each morning you have been gifted a blank canvas with the opportunity to design your life. Are you designing on purpose? Or are you living in default mode, in reaction to the elements around you? The intention is defined as an aim or a purpose; a determination to act in a certain way.

To be intentional you must be fully aware of your thoughts and presence. How do you want to feel today? What will bring you the most productivity? Is your body telling you it needs to rejuvenate and rest? How are your interactions with those you care about most? What energy are you putting out into the world? Intentional living simply means choosing to live in a way that is in alignment with your purpose in life. Sounds intense, I know. But it’s so good! Intentional living takes you from where you are not to where you want to go. It’s the roadmap that helps you navigate life.

I am an advocate and passionate about stepping off the treadmill of busyness and taking the time to start creating the life you really want to live. It is about learning to accentuate the positive and transforming or letting go of those things that stop you from being happy and fulfilled – whether this is an unhealthy relationship, a bad diet or negative thinking.

How we manage one area of our life has a knock-on effect on other areas, so to create true harmony and balance, you should aim to have all the elements of your life working well. I created this space to help you live a slower, simpler, and intentional life by inspiring you to recentre your heart into what truly matters.

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