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Daily Dose of Inspiration
Daily Dose of Inspiration

How to ensure you are ready to face your finances in 2023

Know where you’re investing By looking at companies, and understanding what your money is invested in can help determine whether you are investing in something that aligns with your values and what you want. Know where your money is going Look at your subscriptions. There is a chance you can be paying for multiple subscriptions …

Daily Dose of Inspiration
Daily Dose of Inspiration

5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Elevate Your Life

Your smartphone can elevate your life in many ways, including: Overall, your smartphone can be a powerful tool that can elevate your life in many ways. By leveraging its capabilities, you can stay connected, organised, informed, entertained, and productive, making your life more enjoyable and fulfilling. *Don’t forget to download my #FREE Lifestyle APP Live …

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8 Pillars of Holistic Wellness

Holistic health is a concept that focuses on the overall well-being of an individual, taking into account their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It involves the integration of different aspects of a person’s life to achieve optimal health and wellness. The goal of holistic health is to promote balance and harmony in all aspects …

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How to do a Monthly Reset to Simplify and Organise Your Life

I’m a great believer in breaking big tasks down into smaller ones. I also understand the importance of being consistent, keeping up with routines and not being afraid to make small changes to our lives that help simplify things even more. For these reasons, the end of the month OR the beginning of the month …

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