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Be the Architect of Calm in Your Life

We continue to believe that although there will always be things in life that are outside of our control, we are often responsible for much of the chaos in our own lives. Whether it’s overworking, overspending, overindulging, over-dieting, overexercising, or overextending ourselves in other ways, there will always be cascading consequences that may ultimately destroy all we’ve built.

Cultivating Serenity and Calmness in My Life
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It’s important to understand that we have a great deal of agency over how much chaos and drama we allow into our lives and that the practices of meditation, quiet money, and reverse engineering life for more time spent on maintaining our health and the quality of our relationships will all go a very long way toward building a life of calm and equanimity – which, in turn, can be the foundation for a happier, healthier, and more sustainably successful life and career.

Create a Calm Space to which You can Retreat
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