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The very basic of self-care

Cooking is self-care at its most basic and nourishing. It is alchemy — you take ingredients and transform them into something delicious that feeds body and spirit. It is an act driven to get in touch with our physical selves. Nourishing our bodies with food is one of the most fundamental ways that our outer world (what we can see, touch, and taste) communicates with our inner world (our physical body).

Feed Your Soul

When you eat to nurture yourself, you’re showing your body one of the simplest forms of self-love. You are taking care of the only home that ever truly matters.

When I became a Lifestyle Coach years ago, one of the many goals I had in my mind was to share with my clients the understanding of slow, simple and intentional living and the importance of looking after your body which is where mindful eating comes in; it is a simple pleasure, a ritual that we use to celebrate life’s biggest moments but also partake in every day, often a moment we have to ourselves that requires attention, love and respect.


Weekly Meal Planner

Yes, the food we eat is fuel for our body but it’s also joy, comfort, excitement. It is a social occasion that requires slowing down and encompasses the most important components of a good life.

How to be consistent with your Self-Care
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I like to think that gut instincts are guardian angels. When we cook, we use our senses, the tastes and smells and sounds alert us that something is ready. In reality, that’s what our instincts are in everyday life. Little alerts to let us know that it’s time: time to take that leap of faith, time to leave that job that no longer serves you, time to be honest with yourself.

Make time and take time for Self-Care
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When we’re in tune with our instincts, life feels like magic. We can fall in and out of this alignment through life, but if you want to practice, I’d recommend taking a moment of stillness. Just sit with yourself, no phone or distractions. Your gut has something to say to you, you just have to be ready to listen.

5-days of Self-Love
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Let me tell you a little secret: When you silence your mind and you start listening to the heart and your body… pay attention to it. Our bodies and souls tell us exactly what they need to be nurtured. Your body is your home, take care of it and it will take care of you.

What’s your go-to comfort meal? Points if you can guess mine!

Do you have a self-care practice
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