‘My Intentional Year’ Bundle


Goals can be stifling; intentions set us free to be our best selves. This year is soon coming to an end and instead of feeling that you need to race to make something happen – to end with a bang, maybe you should spend this time setting intentions, laying the foundations and tone for the next year – A Year of Intentional Living.

With all this intention-setting going on, the natural next question is obvious: How do you set intentions that actually work? How do you set intentions that have deep, personal meaning and that hold power to help you make the shifts they require to your thoughts, your actions and your emotions, so you can feel the delectable momentum of progress on the issues and projects that matter the most to you?

In this bundle, I share how to effectively focus your energy towards authentic transformation, how to create an Intention & Vision Board, how to make your dreams happen and more.

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The new year is a great opportunity to reflect on your growth of the previous year. It’s a good time to review what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown through the inevitable challenges life presents. Growth can be painful – but it brings with it proof of our resilience. Looking back over the last 12 months, be grateful for the challenges you’ve been handed. It is in these obstacles that we learn to conquer, discovering the courage it takes to align ourselves with what we truly seek.

The end of the year is designed for us to truly explore our failures and, ultimately, our successes. We ask ourselves where we could’ve made better decisions; whether we’re living from our hearts and true intentions. Though it’s easy to forget, we have a tremendous amount of control over our lives. The small decisions we make daily lead to different paths. Life is not a pre-fix menu. It’s a mystery that unfolds every single day. We don’t have control over what obstacles life throws in our path, but we can control our actions. By setting intentions and keeping them close, we can facilitate the path that we choose.


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