How to Create Meaningful Moments

Kiran Singh

How are you doing, I mean really doing? Are you staying healthy? Mentally well?  Keeping busy? The “new normal” brought on by Covid means our daily lives have changed in many unexpected ways.

As stressful and disorienting as this season has been, a crisis can bring a fresh perspective on what we each value most. By stepping out of our fast-paced lives, we can focus on what is truly important and experience more meaning in our everyday lives.

How to Create Meaningful Moments

Healthy Habits

Sleep, water, fresh air, nourishing food. Set time limits for news consumption. Tidy your home, make your bed each day, shower, and get dressed each day.

Even when you are staying at home, maintaining regular routines creates the foundation for mental and physical wellness.

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Set Up Small Wins

Goals make life feel more purposeful – but are hard to sustain if your schedule is unpredictable. Setting mini-goals will enable the “small wins” that bring a feeling of progress and elevate your life. Learn to bake bread, plant a container garden, or finally purge your inbox.

Accomplishments like these will enable you to feel that your time is well spent.

Regular Rituals

A cup of coffee in the morning. A walk around the block.  A warm bath.  Simple rituals reinforce mindfulness, which can remind you not to stress about the past or future – but to stay in the present moment.

Taking a moment to savour simple pleasures will relax your nervous system, shift your focus to what you enjoy, and help you experience greater meaning in life.

People First

Relationships are core to our well-being and creating meaning in life. A network of friends, family, and colleagues can bring joy, solace, and connection in an uncertain world. Schedule time to reach out to at least per day. Prioritize family meals. Meet with your book club on Zoom. Exchange recipes and share your results.

Three Good Things

Identify three or more things each day to be grateful for. By choosing gratitude, you are blocking negative and toxic emotions – filling the space with positive thoughts instead. Small, silly, profound, personal – it doesn’t matter specifically what you are grateful for, so long as it is meaningful to you!

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Looking Ahead

Staying safe means living slower – which is a contrast to our previously busy-busy lifestyles. What do you miss most? What do you not miss at all? Is there anything you are enjoying about life at home? Let your answers guide you to design a more intentional and meaningful life.

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