I believe Coaching should be available to everyone, which is why my Email Coaching is an ideal option if you’d like to work with me, but have scheduling or budget constraints. Now you can enjoy the motivation and accountability of working with a coach, with the convenience of connecting via email. It’s perfect if you enjoy the frequency of communication during the week to help work through a problem or support you for deeper accountability.

Sound familiar?


  • want to make changes in your personal or professional life such as improvements to health and wellness, relationships, career, time management, or work/life balance
  • are reluctant to try something new (even though it’s something you’re genuinely interested in)
  • feel constant stress, self-doubt and succumb to the “you shoulds” imposed by family and friends
  • have a goal or vision but lack the focus, organisation, and clarity necessary to form an action plan
  • procrastinate or have difficulty completing tasks from start to finish


  • you want the benefits of working with a life coach, such as focus, perspective, clarity, support, accountability, and access to resources


  • you like writing more than talking
  • you like to take your time to “process” before responding.
  • the price of in-person coaching sessions is not in the budget right now

How it works

Email Coaching is just like “regular” life coaching except the entire coaching process is conducted in writing.  The process starts with some assessments to clarify goals and then we work together to help you reach your goals.  We have the same kind of conversation that a coach and client would have in live sessions but via email.

  • Send me an email to let me know when you’d like to start
  • After we agree on a starting date, I will email you a Coaching Agreement to sign and a questionnaire to fill out. 
  • Once you have submitted the questionnaire, I will email you to start the coaching process.
  • You can email me at the frequency specified in your Email Coaching Package and I will respond within 24 hours Monday through Friday
  • Email when it is convenient for you; no need to schedule an appointment
  • Perfect for brainstorming and strategising your life questions, career/business, decisions and dilemmas
  • Assessments
  • Journal exercises
  • Reading recommendations
  • Weekly goal assistance and more

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